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Selected Projects:

  • Representing a group of foreign bondholders in a series of disputes with a major Russian company related to enforcement of US$55 million Eurobonds in Russia (disputes with regard to enforcement of mortgage and share pledge, cases on bankruptcy of the debtor and its subsidiary company, challenge of enforcement of an arbitral award, challenge of promissory note guarantees, etc.);
  • Representing a Russian subsidiary company of a European investment company in two disputes with the government of Moscow related to payment of US $6 million for purchase of right to enter into a land lease agreement;
  • Representing a well-known European investment company in several litigations related to recovery of US $5 million debt under lease agreements, eviction and challenge of validity of that leases;
  • Representing several investors in course of bankruptcy of a Russian bank;
  • Representing a western manufacturer in a corporate dispute related to withdrawal of share from a joint venture company by a Russian partner;
  • Representing a major Russian industrial group in a series of corporate litigations under Russian, South African, and Swiss law;
  • Representing a Kazakh oil company in two disputes related to recovery of US $20 million debt in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry and in a Kazakh state court;
  • Defending Russian assets of a major Kazakh oil company in a series of litigations brought by a Russian «raider» company in attempt to gain control over the assets;
  • Representing a major US-based IT company in a flow of administrative proceedings and related litigation in the field of currency control;
  • Representing a major Japanese autocomponent manufacturer in a product liability dispute;
  • Advising a major Indian oil company on enforcement of an arbitral award in Russia;
  • Representing a major US-based IT company in several disputes with customs authorities related to penalty for improper declaration of imported goods;
  • Representing a US-based oil services company in customs authorities and in the RF Financial-Budget Supervision Service in course of four administrative investigations against the client and two related litigations;
  • Representing a Russian nonprofit organization in several disputes related to recovery of payments under construction contracts;
  • Representing a European trading company (natural resources) in customs authorities and in a court dispute related to reimbursement of overpaid customs duties and taxes;
  • Representing a major European financial holding in several disputes against its debtors in Russia.